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Bill Buckley - Guest Speaker - 03 August 2012

I'd heard of Buckley Systems but didn't know anything about their business.  However, Bill Buckley, the Managing Director and founder of the company changed all that last Friday.

Bill is the current Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year - for good reason.

This humble man with just two years of secondary education has created something very unique in New Zealand.  An internationally successful manufacturing company, and in doing so currently employs just over 300 of New Zealand's brightest engineers, physicists and scientists. Bill harnesses this horsepower to provide world-leading expertise based around magnet technology.  From those that are required to build the chips driving our cellphones and i-pads, to those used to fire protons at an accuracy of 1/100th of a millimetre to explode tumours within the human body. 

His products and expertise are sought worldwide all from down the road in Auckland.

For too long, the New Zealand business community (some with Australian Masters) have accepted the mantra that our economic future relies solely on cows, sheep and trees.

Bill is a gleaming example that proves the theory of focusing on high value and high level manufacturing is absolutely a viable part of the future New Zealand economy.

Arise Sir Bill.  No finer example of commercial leadership and for banning the word 'can't'.

Now what would happen if we all followed his 'can do' philosophy?

John Dawson, COO’EE
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