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Millionaire's Double - 19 September 2012

While we were disappointed that Owen Glenn's illness kept him from joining us last Friday, we were in no way disappointed by our very well prepared stand-in.  Graham Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of Crown Fibre Holdings, gave us a spell-binding insight into the changes that ultra-fast broadband will bring to our lives.

Graham shared not only the commercial benefits but also the personal implications of this new technology which is being laid in the ground in an increasing number of suburbs as I write this.

From a commercial perspective, its blindingly clear that ultra-fast broadband will not only significantly reduce commercial telecommunication costs and dramatically improve existing channels such as Skype, but, more dramatically, break many of the bonds that tie many employees to their office desk. I can see working from home becoming increasingly attractive from both an employer and employee perspective - or at least reducing the need to be in the office 5 days a week.

On the personal front, Graham shared with us that ultra-fast broadband in the States had driven the growth of Netflix at a rate far greater than that of Facebook, providing the ultimate back catalogue of any film or TV series you've ever wanted to see.

Thanks again, Graham, for being such an outstanding speaker.

John Dawson, COO'EE

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