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Sailing to Success - 12 September 2014

This morning’s meeting at The Admirals' Breakfast Club featured one of New Zealand's leading entrepreneurs, Murray Thom.

Murray delivered a highly inspirational presentation linking his successes and lessons learned on the journey with two key themes. One based on his experience and excellence in sailing and the other based on his experience and excellence in business.

The first analogy was "don't chase a dying breeze". This eludes to maximising wind pressure when racing and learning that if the wind from one direction is dying, then it’s unlikely to pick up from that direction and alternative wind angels need to be found. Murray linked this truism to changes in business and in particular how he has adapted to changes in the New Zealand and international music scene. This has culminated in his new direction and latest success moving from the Great New Zealand Song Book to the Great New Zealand Cook Book which has quickly become the best seller.

Murray's second theme focused on tenacity and illustrated this point with examples of how his persistence and acceptance of multiple no's has invariably led him to his multiple successes. He pointed out and others in the audience agreed that while we as New Zealanders pride ourselves on our work ethic, perhaps we over estimate our level of tenacity relative to what’s needed in today's rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world i.e. a need to continually modify our sales strategies rather than accepting that first no.

Murray Thom is a unique New Zealander with wonderful ability to engage with any audience and any market in a way that delivers joy.

The Club is grateful to Murray for lifting our sights and lifting our spirits.


John Dawson, Founder, The Admirals' Breakfast Club

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