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Herding Cats - 08 May 2015

Gordon Buswell's presentation at our last meeting captured the challenges of leadership and compliance during his 13 years as CEO of the ITM Group.

All of us who lead businesses are well aware of the challenges of establishing the vision and executing a consistent strategy with an employed workforce. These challenges are obviously exponential when one is dealing with independent business owners - some of whom are $40 or $50 million businesses in their own right.

Gordon's presentation highlighted a number of engagement strategies - not least of all was the more transparent delivery of value from the ITM Support Office, as well as leveraging the influence of the more progressive members of the group.

The transformation of ITM from a bit player in the building supply industry to a cohesive force rebranded and refocused is testament not only to Gordon's managerial expertise but his empathy and good humour.
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