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Leading from the front - 18 June 2015

We've again being privileged to have the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. John Key present to our Club members.

In addition to his typically expert grasp on the economy and the future economic outlook, the Prime Minister again demonstrated his powers of persuasion. As part of his presentation, he raised the topic of a new flag for New Zealand. He started by asking the nearly 300 people in the room as to their preference either to keep the existing flag or to establish a new one. The room was evenly split 50/50. He then went on to discuss various aspects including the role that the Silver Fern has played as far back as on the gravestones of those that gave their lives for New Zealand in the first World War. The Prime Minister also pointed out that the New Zealand flag gets frequently mistaken for the Australian flag.  The Prime Minister challenged the audience by asking how many items of clothing do we possess that featured the New Zealand flag as supposed to how many items of clothing did we think the average Canadian may possess featuring the maple leaf.  Suffice to say, when the question was asked at the end of his presentation as to the preferences of the room, the balance had swung dramatically to 80/20 in favour of a new flag!

The Prime Minister's overriding message was, he wanted New Zealanders to be proud and embrace the flag as an integral part of our culture.  It will be interesting to see whether the poll taken amongst The Admirals' Breakfast Club members represents the mood of the country after the forthcoming referendum.
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