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WOW! - 04 December 2015

Diane Foreman's presentation to The Admirals' Breakfast Club was a wonderful way to finish the year and can be best described as wow!

From solo motherhood to learning the business (fax-by-fax!), board membership, CEO responsibilities culminating in the sale of Trigon, an international manufacturing business employing 1,000 people. Then a breather circumnavigating the world before the start of her solo career founding the Emerald Group amongst other investments, developing and recently selling the highly successful, worldwide New Zealand Natural Ice Cream business.

Overcoming male arrogance in the boardroom, Diane provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by female executives in the journey towards leadership and corporate governance. Her book "In the Arena" details the journey of this engaging, talented and successful Entrepreneur of the Year. Diane is a generous sharer of advice and guidance to those with a desire to succeed.

We look forward to having Diane share the next stage of her journey after the smartest New Zealand public companies capture her expertise for their board of directors.
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