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A Clear Vision for the Future of Auckland - 18 March 2016

Our speaker at The Admirals' Breakfast Club function this morning was John Palino, Auckland Mayoral Candidate.

At the last election, an unknown John Palino recorded 100,000 votes compared with Len Brown's 160,000 votes.  Going into the next election, John is now known but, more importantly, has a clear vision for the future of Auckland.

Although a New Zealander for the last 20-plus years, John's American roots have given him an insight into how New York and other cities in America have coped with growth.  As Auckland is now officially recognised as an international city, John contrasted the expensionist strategy that Auckland has been pursuing with the cluster strategy successfully adopted by the U.S., and New York state in particular.  Here growth has been compacted into centres and towns with employment sufficient to dissuade long distance commuting while maintaining a limit on local expansion into the surrounding countryside.  This strategy was delivered by an efficient railway service into the heart of New York City.

John's current commercial experience in South Auckland has also given him clear insights into the lives of Aucklanders who are not benefiting from the growth of Auckland.  In his particular presentation, John confirmed his focus on Council cost controls and the redirection of some of the obvious savings that his finance team has identified to the benefit of struggling Aucklanders - whether they are ratepayers or renters.

John presented fresh thinking for Auckland with a genuine commitment to serve the people of Auckland.

John Dawson, Founder, The Admirals’ Breakfast Club
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